Monday, March 12, 2012

Episode 3

So today(ok, a few weeks ago) My mom and i were talking about what my mom should name her new baby.
and guess what kaden says?

Kaden: I think you should name the baby "cheddar"

My mom and i started laughing hysterically,  but he didnt understand why. He was DEAD serious. He still thinks we should name the new baby "Cheddar."

Except he did say he didnt want mom to name the baby that anymore because the new baby is gonna be a girl and he wants to use that name when he is all grown up and has a boy.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Episode 2

 kaden: "i have a higher I.Q. than you, kara."
 Kara: "NO YOU DONT!" 
kaden: "prove it, whats the capital of argentina?"
Kara: Um... i dont know?" 
Kaden: "Buenos Aires!" (well, it came out more like Benios aris) 

I didnt even know argentina had a capital! how the heck did my 6-year-old brother know?

Episode 1

Kaden: I have two favorite dinosaurs, one in the cretaceous period, and one in the jurassic. 
Kara: whats the cretaceous period? 
Kaden: Kara, Im smarter than you, cause i know what the cretaceous period is!

 oh, the wonders of being an older sister. i get constantly surpassed by my six-year old brother in knowledge. and i still don't know what the cretaceous period is! ;)