Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Episode 2

 kaden: "i have a higher I.Q. than you, kara."
 Kara: "NO YOU DONT!" 
kaden: "prove it, whats the capital of argentina?"
Kara: Um... i dont know?" 
Kaden: "Buenos Aires!" (well, it came out more like Benios aris) 

I didnt even know argentina had a capital! how the heck did my 6-year-old brother know?

Episode 1

Kaden: I have two favorite dinosaurs, one in the cretaceous period, and one in the jurassic. 
Kara: whats the cretaceous period? 
Kaden: Kara, Im smarter than you, cause i know what the cretaceous period is!

 oh, the wonders of being an older sister. i get constantly surpassed by my six-year old brother in knowledge. and i still don't know what the cretaceous period is! ;)